How to Become Certified Kubernetes Administrator & Developer (CKA, CKAD)

How to become Certified Kubernetes Administrator & Developer

Writing this article from my personal experience and hope it will help you to become a CKA & CKAD (Cheers)

Before starting with the tips, I have completed CKAD recently, and below are the latest changes in the exam (2022)

  • Exam CKA, CKAD changed from Terminal to Remote Desktop
  • You are only allowed to open a browser inside the remote desktop to check the Kubernetes documents (It has been a little difficult to copy and paste content)
  • We cant use additional monitors (Only a single monitor or laptop)

Working on a remote desktop is slow comparatively, Make sure to have a good internet facility before starting the exam

Let’s start with the tips:

I personally heard a lot of rumors about this Kubernetes certification like

  • That is one of the toughest certifications
  • 395$ is a huge amount, you will lose if you fail

All of the above is true until you start working on it. Sharing a few tips based on my experience

Register for Exam

Yes, Don’t postpone, Once you have decided to get a certification in Kubernetes buy one. Go ahead and buy your exam on LINUX Foundation

Fix a Generic Deadline

This is from my personal experience, I purchased the certification then I start postponing it as it has 1 year expiration time. So fix a deadline of either 1 or 2 months, even we can fix a tentative date (later it can be changed if you feel not prepared)

Know about the certification

Google “Kubernetes Certification”, Get to know about the exam curriculum

Get the suitable learning material or course

To find the best online course for Kubernetes, I took the Kubernetes Basic course from “KODEKLOUD”. I found the instructor can able to deliver content as easily as possible then I signed up for CKA and here is the reason I can think you should consider one.

  • Cheaper Courses You can get a Kubernetes basic + CKA certification course + any number of courses with a working environment and they are charging around 12.29$ for a month. Spending 12.29$ for 395$ certification would be a good deal.
  • As I am very new to Kubernetes (Started from Zero). I took Kubernetes Basic + CKA from KodeKloud (You will get both certificates with a single subscription). You can try basic and if you are comfortable you can proceed with the next certificate course.
  • Courses have a hands-on environment to work as same as the original certificate exam.

Check out the Courses here

Suppose you are planning to learn CKA, and CKAD in a HARD way. Please refer to the curriculum and try to know each and every topic with examples.


CKA is full of scenario-based questions, Without practice, Managing time would be hell. I just did all the practice tests from the course with my whole heart without shortcuts. If I failed I redo the exercise again and that helped.

Killer Shell

– Once you purchase the certification, You will have 2 killer shell sessions, These are very difficult than the normal certification exam

– Both sessions are with same questions, Take 1st exam with full preparation and learn from the mistake and take the other one.

– People tend to lose confidence, post attending the killer shell, Don’t lose hope try to learn from mistakes and practice

I have my killer shell Q&A from my attempt (CKA & CKAD), If you need to check, Let me know by chat or comment and I can share it with you.

Don’t Memorize

Kubernetes Doc is your friend during the exam. You can use the documentation to get the syntax, command, etc

For example: If you want to create a pod -> Go to -> search for pod -> get the YAML definition and make some changes and run the create command -> Done

To Know more about Kubernetes commands and shortcuts to save time during the exam check here

Check here for more Kubernetes learning post

That’s it, See you soon with a CKA tag, Don’t forget to tag my blog once you completed the certification.

Please reach me out in the chat or comment for any tips or questions

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