Useful commands during Kubernetes certification (CKA,CKAD)

Know the shortcuts

Kubernetes certification is basically a practical scanrios-based exam. Creating shortcuts would help you to save a lot of time.

Create your alias:


To list all the pods in the default namespace

kubectl get pods => k get pods

Know the API resources’ short names


pod = po
cronjob = cj
namespace = ns
deployment = deploy
service = svc
persistent volume = pv
persistent volume claim = pvc

Get all the short names, By running the get api-resource

kubectl api-resources -o wide
NAME                              SHORTNAMES     APIGROUP                       NAMESPACED   KIND                             VERBS
configmaps                        cm                                            true         ConfigMap                        [create delete deletecollection get list patch update watch]

Now, You can further trim your command as below

kubectl get pods => k get pods => k get po

Easy way to create Yaml files

For example: If you are required to create a pod with image=nginx + a few more tasks, Then we can jump-start the creation as below

kubectl run <podname> —image=nginx —restart=never —dry-run=client -o yaml > pod-definition.yaml

The above command would create a YAML file with a preloaded definition and all you have to do is to add elements based on the given task

To get a definition of already running pod

kubectl get <podname> -o yaml > pod-definition.yaml

By knowing the above shortcuts you can reduce the time spent on typing and instead use it to solve the problem

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